•     据市场反馈,我们发现主流对标竞品的0.9KW额定输出功率较为尴尬。其对于常规用户而言输出过剩,对于有稍高功率输出需求的用户又力不从心。由此,0.9KW的产品因其适应性差再加上售价并不便宜,所以市场热度不高。对此,我们开创性地将0.9KW功率段细分出0.7KW和1.4KW两个机型以丰富产品线,而0.7KW对应的就是GS950i。如此,GS950i的额定输出功率既能满足其目标用户的需求,又具备了更小、更轻、更节能、更安静以及更便宜的综合优势。

•    基于对用户需求反馈的持续跟踪,我们发现汽油静音变频发电机产品在用户心中的定位已然不再是传统的工具或动力机械产品。其身影越发频繁地出现在人们享受生活,亲近自然,分享时光的幸福画面中。因此,我们认为汽油静音变频发电机产品应该是自然、亲和以及令人愉悦的。近年来,面对新能源产品的异军突起,我们认为仍在不断进化中的汽油动力产品不应给人以传统、保守的印象,而所谓传统产品的技术含量也并不低于新能源产品。因此,我们为星月集团规划了全新的品牌定位,即“未来”、“科技”、“人性”。而GS950i的设计风格也正是遵循着这样的方向。

•   对应年轻用户,我们将娱乐精神注入设计,同时借鉴消费品的设计语言并融入复古情怀的时尚元素。为点题未来、科技、人性,我们借鉴了航空引擎的特征并搭配清新自然又不失科技感的色彩,使呈现出的未来科技拥有了温度。

•   GS950i搭载了更小排量的发动机,同时装备了小而轻且效率更高的中频永磁发电机,并以电机转子取代原有发动机飞轮,实现了产品减重25%,且外形尺寸也仅为395×221×345mm。为了实现油耗降低10%,我们引入了电子油门转速控制技术以控制发动机油门执行机构,从而精确控制发动机转速始终处于最佳工作范围,提高了工作效率。为了达成降噪3分贝的目标,除了控制转速外,我们还使用塑料壳针对动力单元的重点区域加以包裹,有效降低热辐射,再伴随外壳形态的调整,从而获得了高效的低阻力散热风道。为了使产品更加易用,我们除了简化操作外,还通过优化外壳分件结构实现了仅靠拆解局部外壳即可轻松完成对产品的维护与保养。最后为了获取价格优势,我们对发动机、电机、逆变器等几乎全部核心部件加以优化,使产品成本下降30%!

•   无论是造型还是功能性,GS950i都可以为人们个性酷感的娱乐生活增添更多的色彩!

•     According to market feedback, we find that it is embarrassed for the rated output power of 0.9 KW to the mainstream benchmarking competitive products. For common users, it has excessive output, but for users who need bigger power, it cannot meet their's requirement. Therefore the market enthusiasm is not high to the product of 0.9 KW due to its poor adaptability plus a not cheap selling price. In consideration of this, we innovatively subdivide the power of 0.9 KW into 0.7 KW and 1.4 KW so as to enrich the product line, wherein the 0.7 KW corresponds to GS950i. So the rated output power of GS950i meets the requirements of its target users, it also has the integrated advantages of being smaller, lighter, more engergy-saving, more silent and cheaper.

•     Based on continuous tracking of requirements and feedback from users, we find that the product of gasoline silent inverter generator is not a conventional tool or power mechanical product for users any more. It is being used more and more widely when peaple enjoy their life, be close to nature and share happy moments. Therefore we think the gasoline silent inverter generator should be joyful, natural and nice. In recent years, facing to emerging of new energy products, we think that the gasoline power products which are still in continuous evolution should not give the impressions of standing still and refusing to making progress or being traditional and outdated, and the technical content of so-called conventional products is not lower than that of new energy products. Therefore we plan a brand-new brand orientation for Xingyue Group, which is "future", "science" and "humanity", and the design style of GS950i also follows this direction.

•     Aiming to young users, we will inject entertainment spirit into the design, meanwhile we will refer to the design language of consumers and integrate the fashionable element of retro feeling. In order to bring out the theme of future, science and humanity, we refer to the features of aircraft engines and configure the fresh and natural color without losing the sense of science and technology, enabling the presented future science to be warm.

•     GS950i is equipped with an lower-emission engine and an intermediate-frequency permanent magnet generator which is small, light and efficient, it adopts an motor rotor to replace the original engine flywheel, the weight of the product is decreased by 25%, and its overall dimensions are only 395×221×345 mm. In order to reduce 10% of fuel consumption, we introduce the electronic throttle rotational speed control technology to control the throttle actuator of the engine, so that the engine speed is accurately controlled to be within the optimum working range, and the working efficiency is increased.In order to achieve the goal of reducing noise of 3 dB, besides controlling the revolving speed, we also use a plastic housing to wrap the key areas of the power unit, so that heat radiation is effectively lowered, and a high-efficient low-resistance heat dissipation air flue is obtained due to adjustment of the housing form.In order to enable the product to be easier to use, besides simplifying operation, we realize easy maintenance of the product only by dismantling the housing in local parts due to the optimized subpart structure of the housing.In order to obtain price advantages, we optimize nearly all the core parts such as the engine, the motor, the inverter, etc., so that the product cost is enabled to be 30% lower!

•     In short, GS950i, in outlook and function, can bring people more convenience in their individual entertainment.

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