•     隆鑫7000W变频发电机的专业性比较强,对于设计上的限定要求较多,且对成本的控制严苛,尤其制造工艺和装配方面的设计难度较大,本次的设计对于我们来说是个不小的挑战。

•     在产品外观上我们运用多边形的曲面造型,带给人们一种结实、稳重且专业的感觉,斜切面与错落的形体相配合,赋予了大尺寸产品丰富的层次感,同时深色的配色在视觉感受上缩小了产品的整体体积,粗犷的外观架构下不乏丰富的细节变化设计。
•     The design for Loncin 7000W VF generator is a big challenge for us as it is a project of strong specialty, with numerous restrictions and of strict cost control, especially the design on manufacturing process and assembly.

•     In terms of product appearance, we use polygonal curved surface modeling to give a strong, stable and professional feeling; the oblique plane is combined with the scattered shape to give the large-scale product a rich sense of hierarchy. At the same time, the dark color reduces the overall volume of the product in vision and the straightforward surface structure covers the design details of abundance and variations.

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